The Dance of the Zinnia
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Dance of the Zinnia – A Timelapse Video

I recently acquired a trail camera and wanted to use specifically its night mode to capture the blooming of a zinnia plant for a timelapse video.

Timelapse movies have fascinated me and a few years ago managed to do a short timelapse of an orange ton Asiatic lily blooming.

This year, I wanted to do more so I set up the camera to capture a zinnia plant with a bud. The plan was to capture the bud blooming.

A Zinnia Plant

The Dance of the Zinnia Timelapse

For some reason I had to remove the camera before the flower bloomed but the footage, despite the shakiness, was amazing – it was incredible to see what I call the Dance of the Zinnia.

I had to cut out a lot of video footage because it was too long and often times too shaky but the outcome was still impressive.

As you can see from the video, the plant twisted and twirled, bent towards the earth and then stood up, turned sideways – it was a great dance of sorts.

Trail Camera for Timelapse?

I realized that a trail camera might not be the best option for time lapse photography.

The Trail Camera

Trail cameras are usually used for those on hiking or camping tours to capture wildlife and the sort. As I mentioned earlier, I needed a camera to do the timelapse and besides I wanted one with a good night vision capability. This was in the right price range.

But I realized that the trail camera can sometimes change the angle of view. Besides, I was also not too enthusiastic about the infrared sensor lights in the front. I had set up the camera in the front yard and did not want to attract too much attention.

There are some other timelapse projects I am currently working on and I am curious to know the outcome.

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