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Enjoying Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Airport

In late 2019, I was flying from Bali to Denmark via Bangkok aboard Thai Airways. And I had a few hours of layover at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport so enjoyed the luxury of the Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Lounge including a free massage.

Background to My Bangkok Layover

I spent two weeks in Bali and was to spend a few days in the Danish capital Copenhagen before returning to Canada.

I travelled using Star Alliance loyalty program and had a business class flight from Bali to Denmark by Thai Airways. So, the transit was in Bangkok.

As I was flying business class, I had access to Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Lounge. Bangkok being the primary location of Thai Airways, the Suvarnabhumi International Airport is home to a number of Royal Silk Lounges.

Suvarnabhoomi Airport, Bangkok
Suvarnabhoomi Airport, Bangkok

Initially, I had walked into a lounge and was disappointed by its relatively smaller size. I couldn’t believe that the lounge in one of the prestigious airports in Asia would be so small.

Then I remembered enjoying a larger lounge during a visit a few years. So, after some inquiries, I found out that there is indeed a larger one.

The flight to Copenhagen was in the wee hours of the morning but the lounge was open. The lounges are open 24/7 and, in my opinion, is one of the best lounges in the world.


Royal Silk Lounge Seating
Royal Silk Lounge Seating

The lounge has plenty of comfortable seating.


The lounge shines in its food options with a variety of western and Asian dishes available. There were hot and cold foods, as well as finger foods. I had a good meal on my flight to Bangkok so I was not hungry. Besides, I was keen to taste the business class food aboard Thai Airways flight to Copenhagen, so I just went for a soup.

The Royal Silk Lounge at BKK Airport
The Royal Silk Lounge at BKK Airport


One of the best features of this lounge is the massage for business and first class passengers.

Royal Silk Lounge Massage Chairs
Royal Silk Lounge Massage Chairs

Fortunately for me, I didn’t have to wait for too long for the massage. There was a separate, more intimate section for massages and I enjoyed a professional and soothing massage, all capped by jasmine tea.

Concluding Comments ion My Visit to Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Airport

I always look forward to lounges and this lounge in the Suvarnabhoomi airport is really worth the visit.

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