Royal Silk Lounge
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Enjoying Royal Silk Lounge at bangkok Airport

In late 2019, I undertook what had become an annual long journey to a long distance destination with multiple stay-over destinations. This time it was to Bali, via Zurich and then on my return via Copenhagen.

I flew from Bali to Copenhagen via Bangkok by Thai Airways. There was a multi-hour layover in Bangkok.

The Royal Silk Lounge at BKK Airport

As I was flying business class, I had access to Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Lounge. Bangkok being the primary location of Thai Airways, the Suvarnabhumi International Airport is home to a number of Royal Silk Lounges.

Initially, I had walked into a smaller Lounge but I remembered a large one that I enjoyed during a previous trip. So, after some inquiries, I found the larger one.

I arrived in Bangkok around midnight and had a lay over for six hours and even though it was late (or actually too early), I enjoyed the lounge and its snacks.

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