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happy Norway (constitution) day

Every year, Norwegians celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day or the Norway National Day on May 17th.

I have been to Norway twice, and both times mostly to Oslo.


I visited the famous Vigeland Culture Park, the Aker Brygge from where I took a ferry along the coastal line and then went to an ice bar.

Vigeland Sculpture Park
The “Angry Child” at Vigeland Culture Park

But Norway is a beautiful country and it has so much to offer outside of Oslo, from the fjords to the Arctic Circle. I hope to be able to visit this country again, once in summer and then again in winter.

A “sofa” at the Ice Bar

But I let my memories go back to the time I went to Norway and put together some photos.

You can see more photos in my collage at my YouTube Channel.

Gratulerer Med Dagen Norge!

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