Adhisham Monastary, Sri Lanka
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Photography on a misty morning in sri lanka

Fog and mist have a magical effect on the eyes as well on photography. Therefore, taking photographs on a foggy or misty day is a beautiful experience.

Misty Morning. Sri Lanka 2010 – ©

In fact, when I went for a short walk about an hour ago, it was all foggy and I was planning to go to the lakefront near my house to take some photographs. But, alas, the fog has cleared now.

But I remembered some of the photographs I took during my trip to Sri Lanka ten years ago. I visited the Adisham Monastery, which is run by Benedictine monks in the mountainous central Sri Lanka.

Misty Morning. Sri Lanka 2010 – ©

It was a misty morning and so melancholically beautiful.

As I felt and smelled the clouds hovering in the mountains, descending down to engulf the monetary building and the gardens around it, I could not stay still just mesmerized; I took some photos, and here are some of them. I made a mini movie and uploaded it to my YT Channel and you can see it here.

Misty Morning. Sri Lanka 2010 – ©
Misty Morning. Sri Lanka 2010 – ©

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