Vegetarian Meal
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Vegetarian lunch

My usual lunch on Sundays is rice and 2-3 curries with the main curry being a spicy non-vegetarian one.

Recently, though, I decided that I wanted to have a full Indian/Sri Lankan style vegetarian meal.

Dhal Curry (file)

A traditional meal is supposed to have a diversity of tastes – salty, sour, spicy etc., I also like to have a contrast in colors.


So, here is what I cooked:

  • Okra spicy and tangy (tamarind paste added)
  • Dhal
  • Spinach sauteed
  • Cucumber yellow curry (just turmeric and coconut milk)
  • Bitter gourd fried and mixed with diced chilies and onions and this brings salty and sour taste (salt & lime juice).

Side dishes:

  • Fried chilies
  • Fried papadam
  • Pickles
  • Yogurt
A Vegetarian Meal

Bon Appetit!

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