What Not To Do When Flying
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What Not To Do When Flying

There isn’t a shortage of complaints about flying – whether it’s about the airlines and their services or about the passengers themselves. Here are this Midlifer’s top five pet peeves when it comes to flying, and what not to do when flying.

My Flight Experience

I have been flying since the nineties and more frequently in the past few years. Over the past ten years, I have flown both economy and business class to destinations across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Central and South America.

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In North America, it’s no secret that carriers have significantly cut down on flight amenities. While in Asia, I could still get a full meal during a three-hour flight, even a five-hour flight in North America doesn’t offer much.

But it’s not just the services offered by the carriers that have declined; even the attitude of passengers has changed.

Here Are Some of My Pet Peeves of Flying:

Washroom Sink Cleanup

There used to be a simple etiquette when using the bathroom sink. Clean up after you use. Passengers were expected to use a paper towel to wipe the sink dry so that the next passenger would have a clean, dry sink.


A Messy Sink & Garbage.
What Not To Do When Flyging
A Messy Sink & Garbage.
What Not To Do When Flyging

I wonder how many passengers even know of this etiquette.

Washroom Waste Disposal

Passengers were expected to put their used paper towels and other garbage inside the allocated bin and ensure the lids are closed.

However, just like the sink etiquette, some passengers don’t bother to clean up. It is not unusual to see towels on the floor or just halfway down the garbage lid.

Seat Position

Seats should be kept upright not only during take-off and landing but also during mealtimes. Flight attendants used to ask passengers who had reclined their seats to set them upright so that the passenger behind would be comfortable during their meal.

Not Everyone Follows the Etiquette of Straight Seats During Meals
Not Everyone Follows the Etiquette of Straight Seats During Meals (Image Credit: Generative AI)

Now, it seems even attendants sometimes don’t enforce this rule.

Washroom Run with Socks

Barefoot in Washroom/Toilet
Barefoot in Washroom/Toilet (Image Credit: Generative AI)

Who goes to the washroom in their socks? Worse still, barefoot? Then they return to their seat and put their feet on the seat or on top of the blanket they’ve dumped on the floor.

Shoes on Seats

While some passengers go to the washroom barefoot, I’ve seen others stepping on their seats with shoes on to reach the overhead bins. Proper etiquette should be to go to the washroom with their shoes on but remove their shoes if they need to step on the seats.

Getting On Your Seat With Shoes
What Not To Do When Flying
Getting On Your Seat With Shoes (Image Credit: Generative AI)

Stepping on seats with dirty shoes and then sitting on the same seat is just unpleasant!

What do you think of my pet peeves? Do you have any?

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