The “Middle-Age” or “Midlife”

The term “middle age” is defined as a period between 45-65 or 40-60. One dictionary delicately puts it as the age before the onset of “old age”.

Certainly, there are two aspects to middle age, particularly to the tail end of it. One aspect is the legal one; this is the time the various agencies and companies start telling you that you are getting old and are about to retire, or about to get special discounts because of your age, or even are expected to do certain medical tests, such as colonoscopy etc.,

The other one is more psycho-physiological; there are emotional, personal and professional issues, one gets tired much easily, the various parts of the body do not function as efficiently as they used to; late nighters become impossible and if you manage to stay late then the body demands adequate rest, you forget things, so on and so forth.

In short, it is the time you think about, and fear, infirmity and eventually mortality.

But middle age is also a great period. This is the time you evaluate your life, your achievements and what else you want to achieve; think about what else you want to do be content in life. There are places to go, dishes to taste, things to experience and love and compassion to be continued. In short, midlife is a great time too; one might not feel robust but life is still beautiful and full of experiences.

As they say:

we die only once but live every day.

In this blog I want to tell stories of my own trials and tribulations, adventures, and happy things.

“Some people try to turn back their odometers.

Not me, I want people to know “why” I look this way.

I’ve traveled a long way and some of the roads weren’t paved.”

Will Rogers – actor, artist

About the Midlife Adventurer

The Adventurer in Midlife
The Adventurer in Midlife

Needless to say, I am a middle-aged person.

I am from South Asia and lived in Europe for ten years before moving to Canada twenty years ago.

As I said, life should be lived as fully as possible. And I live each of those days with lots of challenges but also passions — I love to cook (and eat), I love to read, keep myself fit through exercises/yoga, I like to travel, I like to learn new things, I love technology … the list is endless.

I have worked as a journalist but also as a kitchen help and a cook. I have cooked in European style and South Asian style kitchens.

This blog is about my adventures as I cruise through this period in life.

Still More About Me – the Midlife Adventurer

For almost twenty five years I worked as a journalist. I worked for newspapers and news agencies and I have written more than 700 articles, a lot of which were translated into many languages — from Norwegian to Spanish and Hindi — and published across the world.

A Few of My articles

I also created and produced a magazine-style TV show in Canada, and then managed a daily, one-hour live TV newscast for seven years.

About eight years ago, I ventured into a new area – startups. I worked for a cloud technology start up and then another one specializing on latency reduction for esports. I have the title of a co-founder.

I have also founded two other companies.

Contacting Me

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