Sun Covered in a Haze
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Wildfires giving a red tint to sun, moon

Sunrises, sunsets and moon – whether it is waxing, waning or in full moon phase – can be beautiful.

Especially when the sun is so reddish during the sunrise or sunset.

During the past week, however, the sun had been beautiful even during the late afternoon, early evening hours here in southern Ontario, Canada.

Sun Covered by a Haze ©

The reason is the wildfires raging in western Canada and northern Ontario. The smoke has drifted eastwards and cast a pall over the sun.

Waxing Moon in a Reddish Tint

And then one night, I noticed the waxing moon also coated in a reddish reflection.

The next day, it rained heavily and all the smoke seem to have been washed away.

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