Icy Strait Zipline
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Icy strait Zipline

During the summer of 2019, pre-Covid time, I undertook my first ever cruise, a week-long Alaska trip. The first of the three stops was at Icy Strait.

The Icy Strait Point is known for, among other interesting sights and sounds, whale watching, kayaking and nature tours.

Largest Zipline

But the Icy Strait Point is also famous for its zipline. It is considered the ‘largest’ zipline in the world, with the status coming from the fact it is the only one with six seats in its single row.

I wanted to enjoy a ride. Icy Strait Zipline video)

Ride to the Mountain

After dropping off my backpack in the locker at the office, we boarded a bus that took about 40 minutes to take us just over 1500 feet above sea level. From there, it was about a ten-minute walk and then there it was.

Every few minutes the zipline would leave from its base like a bullet leaving the barrel and whiz through the harness with a squeashing sound as it sped towards the ground.

Finally it was my turn. While safely and comfortable seated, I held my cellphone camera set up on a mini-tripod firmly in front of me.

And then the gates were open and I sped through the air. It was scary as the zipliner sped through at about 100 km/h, roughly 100 metres above the rainforest. The worst thing was when the heavy wind turned me sideways and it appeared that I was stalling.

I still held to my camera but did not forget to enjoy the scary thrill. Around me, some of the fellow passengers had a blast, screaming with happiness.

The whole ride lasted about a minute.


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