LE LED Headlamp/Reading Light Review

LE LED Headlamp/Reading Light – Review

I recently bought an LED headlamp to assist my nighttime reading. I have been using this device, the LE LED Headlamp, for a few weeks so I thought of writing up my initial thoughts of it.

The Background

I love to read. Period. However, over the past few years my reading has moved online – to PC and phone-based news and other reading.


The LE LED Headlamp/Reading Light Review

In my opinion, though, there is something special about reading off printed paper, particularly books. Having a cup of coffee, or a beer on a hot day, while delving into a book is such a pleasure.

And since I have been neglecting hardcopy reading because of all the digital short article reading, which I feel tends to affect one’s concentration power, I have made it a point to read something off a printed book every day.

Sometimes I would lie down in the living room couch and doze off while reading.

It’s Me, Reading

This is fine if it is in the afternoon but it becomes a challenge in the night. I feel the process of dozing off is disturbed if I must get up to switch off the light. And this challenge keeps me away from printed stuff at times (what a lazy excuse!).

But these are problems that can be solved so I started researching about reading lights.

Lights of Different Sorts

There are the traditional table lights but they are not the ideal one for couch reading. There are book lights which come with clamps to be attached to a book while reading it but I wasn’t sure how comfortable they will be.

Then there are neck lights.  Again, I was not sure whether they will provide the comfort and the light.

And then I saw the headlamp.

The LE LED Headlamp

After some research, I went for the LE LED Headlamp.

The LE LED Headlamp

It came in a small box with an even smaller guide and a micro-USB charging cable.

The Headlamp has two light switches. The first one is for the reading light/ headlight. And it has three modes – the powerful one, the less powerful one and the blinking one.

The second switch is for the red light and it has two modes – the second one being the blinking red.

Final Comments on the LE LED Headlamp

The light is good for reading. But I think it might be more suitable as a headlamp than a reading light because of the centered focus.

The Centre-Focus is a Distraction for a Reading Light

I would ideally like a light where the light is spread evenly.

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