Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 US Transborder
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Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 Plaza Premium Lounge Review

I had recently spent some time in the Plaza Premium / American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge at Toronto Pearson Airport’s Terminal 3. Here is the Midlife Adventurer’s Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 Plaza Premium Lounge review.


I was leaving on a three-week tour that was taking me to Singapore, Cambodia and Malaysia. My first major flight was the JFK-Singapore direct flight operated by Singapore Airlines, which is currently the longest flight in the world.

I live in Canada, so I had to first fly to New York to board the flight to Singapore. And I was travelling business class to Singapore, so I wanted to enjoy the experience, and to make that happen, I flew a day earlier to New York to have a good rest before boarding the flight.

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I was flying to La Guardia by Delta Airlines on First Class (for domestic and short haul international flights, Delta calls its business class as ‘first class’).

Unfortunately, Delta does not have a lounge facility at Pearson Airport’s Terminal 3, from where they operate.

However, we are American Express Platinum Card holders, so I have access to the Priority Lounges. And at the Terminal 3 US Transborder section, it was the Plaza Premium – American Airlines Admirals Club lounge.

Plaza Premium at Terminal 3 Transborder

I arrived the lounge mid afternoon and it was quite crowded for a Monday.

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Pearson Airport T3
The Plaza Premium Lounge at Pearson Airport T3

There was a small lineup, but we were just two people and got in a few minutes later.

The Food

There was salad, including beet salad, and a harvest vegetable tomato soup. Then there was pasta and rice, as well as chicken, meat balls and mixed vegetables to go with.

Pasta and Meatball Dinner
Pasta and Meatball Dinner

Of course, there were cookies and other types of desserts.

The Drinks

There was, besides the vending machine for the different types of coffee and hot water, pop dispensers.

For alcohol, there was red and white wine, beer, as well as whisky etc. It was served on a one drink – person basis though I am sure one could get more rounds.

Pop Dispenser at Plaza Premium Lounge
Pop Dispenser at Plaza Premium Lounge

I wasn’t very hungry and had also plans to have a good dinner once I land in New York. Still, I had to taste the lounge food, so I chose pasta and meat balls. I cannot complain – the meatballs in particular were tender and juicy.

Wifi Etc.

There was wifi but I didn’t need it as I have a local data package. However, I am certain their wifi connection was excellent.

There were also a  good number of high chairs and comfortable sofa chairs. There were some charging points as well.

Final Comments – Toronto Pearson Terminal 3 Plaza Premium Lounge Review

As mentioned earlier, the place was full but about an hour later for some reason, it became less crowded.

This is a great lounge with decent food by North American standards.

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