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A Stay in 9h Capsule Hotel in Narita Japan

A few years ago, I was in Japan and had to experience one of the items in my bucket list – staying at a capsule hotel.

What is a Capsule Hotel

In short, these are basically sleeping pods, looking like a capsule. Shower and toilet facilities are provided. You shower, sleep, rest and leave. According to this website, the first capsule hotel was opened in 1979 in Osaka.

The capsule hotels are ideal for people who have missed the last train. According to the legend, this is where the famously workaholic men (the “salary men”) spend the night if they missed the last train home after a long working day followed by drinking with colleagues.

Ever since I read about them, I had wanted to stay in a capsule hotel and luckily I got the chance when I was flying out of Narita on a morning flight to the USA. I came to know about the 9h capsule hotel within a short distance of the terminal and I liked it because it meant I didn’t have to take an early morning train to Narita.

The 9H Hotel

9h Capsule Hotel in Narita, Japan

The 9h or 9 Hours hotel runs by the simple principle that one needs an hour for shower, seven hours to sleep and one hour of break/rest.

I had booked the 9h in advance and when I came in I just went to the reception to get the necessities done and then went to the locker to store my items.

There was a package that consisted of bathrobes, slippers (flipflops) etc., No shoes are allowed beyond this point. After a relaxing shower I walked into the section with the pods.

The shower at 9h Capsule Hotel in Narita, Japan

The pods were stacked two in a row and mine was on the “upper level”.

The Pod

I got into it by climbing the steps installed between each row and there it was – the famed capsule. In essence it was a long, square white tube with a comfortable mattress.  There was a comforter and a pillow, all white.

The Bed at 9h Capsule Hotel in Narita, Japan

Above the head side were switches to control light – one can adjust the brightness – and music. There was also a power slot.

On the sides were small pockets, probably to keep phone etc.,

At the entrance, there was a pull down blind from the inside to give privacy. I am not a tall person, and this was a very comfortable “bed” and I slept sound.

Final Thoughts on the Capsule Hotel Stay

Signs for the showers at 9h Capsule Hotel in Narita, Japan

The hotel was simple, both in terms of styling and directions.

I would stay at capsule hotels again, but I also want to try the ryokans.

Most of the capsule hotels are meant for men and where women are allowed, they are separated.

It is a comfortable and unique experience but if you are claustrophobic, well then you may want to consider whether this is a good option for you.

Check out my video of the Capsule Hotel.

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