Baslay Coffee Plantation
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coffee plantation in the philippines

During my trip to the Philippines I had stayed in Dumaguete for a few days and one day we visited the Baslay Coffee Plantation.

Baslay Coffee Plantation, the Philippines

Located in the hills of Negros Oriental, the plantation is located about 30 minutes from Dumaguete city and we took a ride by a motorbike.

After a rough ride we reached the plantation.

Cleaning the Coffee

It is a cooperative where the coffee sees a full cycle – from planting and harvesting to roasting and grinding. Proceeds help local communities.

Cleaning the Coffee

While we were there we saw locals cleaning coffee beans.

The Lookout & Restaurant

The plantation site also hosts a three-floored wooden lookout and resting site. As the name indicates, we could enjoy our coffee and snacks seated or just walk around enjoying a 360 view of the area.

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