Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Pearson Terminal 3
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Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Pearson Terminal 3

I was flying out of Canada early June and had an opportunity to enjoy the new Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Pearson Airport’s Terminal 3 – International.

Now, this was my first trip aboard an aircraft since the lockdown so this was also my first experience in a lounge in more than two years.

My previous posting on my experience at the Royal Silk Lounge in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Pearson Terminal 3

From what I have gathered, there used to be a Plaza Premium lounge in the same terminal, but the lounge operator announced in December 2021 the launch of two new lounges, one of which is this.

When I booked my airport parking, they offered me access to the lounge for CAD45 but I had free access through Scotiabank’s Passport Visa Infinite Card.

Check here for video of my brief experience at the lounge

My flight was early morning and with all the chaos reported at the Pearson airport I had to be at the airport by 6.30 am. So I really wanted a lounge after the security gate. And I got one.

Access to the Lounge

I had a tough time finding the lounge as there were no indicators. I had to ask around and when I found it, I realized it was not that far from the security gate.

The Lounge Experience

Checking in was fast and the lounge was crowded but there were some spots along the long table. All the guests were wearing masks.

After finding the seat, I got down to the business of getting some food.

Meal Option at Plaza Premium Lounge Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 3

As it was early in the morning, the offerings were basically geared towards breakfast.

My Meal

There was white and brown/multigrain bread, bagels, scrambled eggs, sausages, baked beans, hashbrowns, pretzels, tortilla chips (!), muffins, salad, cookies and much more. Of course, there was the ubiquitous coffee machine that dispensed different types of coffees including cappuccino, espresso and cafe latte. And there was hot water for tea.

On the other side, there was a bar but it was not open.

The Bar

Besides the table-like setting for eating, there were comfortable single-person sofas.

Final Notes on Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Pearson Terminal 3

There were restricted number of power plugs for charging of devices. There were also two payment-based massage chairs. I did not check the internet as I was using my ample data package.

This is a very good lounge for breakfast. I hope to be able to check out the lounge during lunch and dinner times soon.

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