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A Treetop Zipline Adventure

I recently wanted to experience some treetop zipline experience here in Ontario, Canada, and after some research decided to check out the Treetop Trekking company’s adventure in Ontario.

They have a few locations in the province and I went to the one in Ganaraska, which is just on the edge of Durham region.

Safety Explanations

After registering, a guide explained how to wear the safety suit, the harness and the helmet. Then we were taken to the starting point where we spent another half an hour learning about the process of ziplining, tree trekking and safety precautions.

The explanation was exhaustive but that was not all. The guide ensured that we do a mini-run with a smaller version of the zipline and treetop trekking so that we know how they work.

Treetop Trekking Zipline

And then came the real one. The first one was the zipline, and I almost forgot one of the basic rules – connect the harness first to the cable before connecting the zipline pulley.

Video of My Zipline Adventure

After the zipline there were various types of treetop trekking – some just walking on cables (always holding on to the cable above your head), while some were more challenging, like the stretch that had wooden pieces and cable alternatingly. I felt a wrong move could stretch my legs like a gymnast.

Tarzan Swing Struggle
Tarzan Swing Struggle

Tarzan Swing

The most challenging one was the so-called Tarzan swing. It took me a while to cross that stretch.

Once the basic stretches were done, there were advanced ones and a few ziplines without guides, which meant I will have to use my own strength to pull myself along the line should I get stuck in the middle.

My Struggle with “Tarzan Swing”

I was also getting tired, so decided to call it a day.

It was a fun experience.

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