Fall Colors in Hunter's Bay, Huntsville
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Fall Colors in Huntsville, Ontario

Autumn, or Fall as it is commonly called in North America, is a feast for the nature lover and the photographer. As the leaves turn red, orange and/or yellow, and absorb and reflect the ever-weakening sunlight, the landscape looks so breathtaking in that fall color spectacle.

Last week I undertook an almost 1000-km trip towards Northern Ontario to see this spectacle.

This year, however, autumn has been late in coming for many parts of the country. As I noted in this post on Autumnal Comparison, a comparison between the arrival of the fall colors last year and this year’s shows a marked difference with the leaves still remaining green this year.

And, so, during most of my drive I did not see spectacular fall color scenarios. But in Huntsville, the view over the Hunter’s Bay was magnificent. There were certainly other areas too where I thought the fall colors were spectacular.

Fall colors in Hunter’s Bay, Huntsville
Fall colors in Hunter’s Bay, Huntsville

Here are some of the photos I shot, with my Nikon 5600 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Fall colors in Hunter’s Bay, Huntsville

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